Gómez, Pablo F.

Interests: History of Medicine and Science in the Atlantic World; History of Medicine and Science in Latin America; History of Medicine and Science and the African Diaspora; Early modern corporeal epistemologies; Race and medicine.

Kelleher, J. Paul

Interests: Applied ethics and political philosophy as they bear on health policy.

Keller, Richard C.

Interests: History of European and global medicine and public health, health and the global environment.

Kreitmair, Karola V.

Interests: Clinical ethics, neuroethics, self-tracking and phenomenology, citizen science and gamification.

Lederer, Susan E.

Interests: Medicine and society in twentieth-century America; race, medicine, and public health; medicine and popular culture; research ethics; and history of medical ethics.

Mitman, Gregg

Interests: History of ecology; environment and health, 20th-century life sciences; science in America; science and film.

Nelson, Nicole C.

Interests: History of the recent life sciences, especially genetics; biology and society; science and technology studies; science and law; laboratory studies and scientific practice; ethnography and oral history.

Ossorio, Pilar N.

Interests: Research ethics and regulation; ethical issues in genetics; race theory; race/ethnicity in research and medicine, community consultation as an ethics method.

Rubel, Alan

Interests: Information Ethics and Policy; Privacy and Surveillance; Intellectual Property; Bioethics.