Norman Fost

Position title: Professor Emeritus, Pediatrics and Bioethics


Phone: (608) 262-1460


Ethical and legal issues in research and genetic screening; use of performance enhancing drugs; access to growth hormone; definition of death.


M.P.H, Harvard University, Public Health, 1973

M.D., Yale University, Medicine, 1964

A.B., Princeton University,  , 1960

Selected Articles

Allen D.B., Fost N., “Obesity and Neglect: it’s about the child,” Journal of Pediatrics 160:6 (2012), 898-899.

Varness T., Allen D.B., Carrel A, Fost N., “Childhood Obesity and Medical Neglect,” Pediatrics 123:1 (2009), 399-406.

Norman Fost, “Anti-Doping: ‘Doping’ is Pejorative and Misleading,” British Medical Journal 337:7663 (2008), 189.

Norman Fost, “The Dysregulation of Human Subjects Research,” JAMA 298:18 (2007), 2196-2198.

Norman Fost, “The Great Stem Cell Debate: Where are we now? Cloning, chimeras, and cash,” Wisconsin Medical Journal 105:4 (2006), 16-17.

Norman Fost, “America’s Gulag Archipelago,” New England Journal of Medicine 351:23 (2004), 2369-2370.

Norman Fost, “Reconsidering the Dead Donor Rule: Is it important that organ donors be dead?,” Kennedy Institute of Ethics Journal 14:3 (2004), 249-260.

Norman Fost, “Ethical Issues in Research and Innovative Therapy in Children with Mood Disorders,” Biological Psychiatry 49:12 (2001), 1015-1022.

Courses taught

MBH 530: Ethical Issues in Medicine
MBH 545: Ethical and Regulatory Issues in Clinical Investigation
MBH 558: Ethical Problems Raised by Biomedical Technology